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Jose Venegas

"El Bronco de Chihuahua"

Jose Venegas "El Bronco de Chihuahua"

Scene from de motion picture La Valentina with Piporro and Maria Felix.

Additional Scene from the motion picture "Qhe Lindo Cha Cha Cha" with Ana Berta Lepe and Resortes.  Meet the family ...


Jose Venegas "El Bronco" was  instrumental in the musical careers of many very successful singers and actors in Mexico and The US.

As chairman of Musart Records which is the name of several different record labels that have issued records at various times in the 20th century, he build an unforgivable  reputation as an actor, singer and producer.

Until Capitol Records opened in Mexico in 1965, recordings by The Beatles were released by Musart Records in Mexico.

Capitol re-releases now sometimes use completely different covers so detecting whether a Capitol version is actually an original Musart album or not can be difficult.

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